Witnessing A Train Crash

Bogor, April 19, 2006

I’m not surprised at all watching today’s headline about train crash in Jakarta. Train crash is frequently happen in this country. But most of all, I witnessed that accident.

Yesterday (04/18) about 3 pm
near Duren Kalibata railway station, a Jakarta-Bogor train crashed a
mini bus. With my own eyes I witnessed the red mini bus called “Metro
Mini” broken into pieces. With my own eyes I witnessed the red dusk
blown into the air. With my own ears I heard a ‘big bang’. I saw the
express train dragged the bus about 500 meters in only few seconds.
Then people suddenly gathered to see the damaged bus.

It was so fast… then 10 people get injured—some of them died after then. ‘Pakuan’ train is known as speedy train from Jakarta to Bogor (West Java).
No wonder it was a spectacular train crash, even though it didn’t cause
many victims as a train crash happened a couple days ago in East Java.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring camera and I’m not
a daily news journalist, so I decided to look closer. I only contact my
friend who works as a reporter in daily newspaper.

Thanked God I wasn’t on that mini bus. Because
that mini bus was only several meters ahead public transportation
(angkot. Red) I rode. I could be one of the victims if I decided to
ride that mini bus from Pasar Minggu terminal.

Well, from this phenomenon, we can
conclude who’s the guilty one. Yeah… the bus driver of course, because
he break the railway crossbar. He speed up the bus even though he was
warned. Bad luck, he had no opportunity to cross the railway because
the traffic jam in front of him. Blow the horn several times was only a
useless effort.

I felt so sorry to witness the accident. If
only people obey the rules, it would not happen. As an Indonesian, I am
so embarrassed to know the fact. Discipline is such a rare character
here. Not surprising, transportation accident had happened frequently
in Indonesia.
But the funny thing is people always blame government. Well, it’s not
only government responsibility. It is our responsibility as well.

PS. Sorry for my bad English

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  1. One day after the accident, I was pass the same location. It so surprised me that the situation was still same like before. Many bus and “mikrolet” parking there and make traffic jam in the railway. Doesn't anyone take a lesson here?

  2. yeah.. you're right! I feel sorry about that too


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