I wish…

I really wanna write something… but I have no idea!
I really wanna express my mind… but I don’t know what it is

Dear Diary, you have been so kind to me. You are the best listener and most patient ‘person’ to me. Well, it’s been a long time since I knew you… You never speak up, but you always listen to me patiently. Even though you never give me solution of my problems, you always relieve my pain.

But I don’t know why… I feel proximity between us now days. I just wanna share my ‘master plan’ with you! Yeah… my master plan of my own life! What myself wanna be next month, next year, even next 10 years.

Yeah… I wanna realize my dreams. I wanna realize my outcomes in my life and life after this life. For better life and the best ending. And it begins from now… Oh my Lord, I wish You bless me… Amin

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  1. amiiiin…. 😀

  2. makacih 🙂

  3. amiin.. dream BIG, start SMALL, FAST action !!! perlu cita cita biar hidup punya arah.. sekarang baru gw sadar kalo bilangan setahun itu ternyata sebentar loh..


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