I’m Flight Of Idea!

Curhat dikit ya…

I’M FLIGHT OF IDEA! I wish I’m not out of my mind. Yeah…
flight of idea is a symptom of schizophrenia.

Well, can you imagine doing so many things at one time??
Phew…! I have to focus on three different media which has different

At one moment I have to pretend to be a ten-year-old
child because I write an article for ZONA. And in the next moment I have to
pretend to be a teenager because of K-Plus. Then, I have to comprehend about
science and make it simple for senior-high student.

But not only writing! I also have to gathering the facts
by people, paper, and electronic trail. After that, I processing the facts,
then presenting the news. Well, gathering, processing, and presenting news is
the function of journalism itself.

Sorry for the sigh…. But… yeah… I’m flight of idea during
this week. I know that’s my job. Doing interview face to face or by phone is
also my job, including re-write all the interviews.

Yesterday my editor, Mas Sigit, ask me, “How many rubric do you
handle in ZONA?”

 “Four,” I answered.

 “For SKALA?”

 “Three. And also three for K-Plus.”

 “Do you also make the story (or article. Red)?”


I just realized that my job is exceeding the editor’s
job, and Mas Sigit agree with me. That’s why he asked me to be an editor—editor
in media’s view—and make a ‘revolution’ for job desk among the editorial staff
in our division.

Well, basically I’m fine with my position right now. But
I’m afraid it’ll be some kind of time bomber for our magazine. It will be
unfair for each of us.

Once again, I’M FLIGHT OF IDEA! I began to feel there are
some boxes in my brain, three boxes actually. One box for ZONA, one other for
K-Plus, and the rest for SKALA. When the deadline is coming, the partitions of
those three boxes seem to be disappear. That’s why I’m flight of idea. Every
box seems to be screaming by saying, “Jati, pay attention please. I’m the most
important! I’m the most important!”

Oh my God…

Bogor, July 5, 2006

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