If I am asked about my unforgetable moment on duty, I would probably tell about accident on my way to cover a news.

It happened in February 2005 when I was a reporter at MQ FM Radio Bandung. I was assigned to cover Leuwigajah garbage slide in Cimahi, West Java, which killed more than 100 people lived near the dump site. It was actually my first duty as a radio reporter.

The path toward the location was semi off-road. So I had to take ojek (motorcycle taxi) to reach the exact location. The accident actually happened when I  got lift on the ojek. When the ojek driver speed up the motorcycle, my backpack’s rope was hooked with another motorcycle handle-bar which speed to the opposite way. Then I fell down from the motorcycle. My unhelmeted head hit the rocky road. Thank God my head was hard enough so it wasn’t crushed. I was very shocked, but fortunately I didn’t get serious injury or brain concussion.

Some local residences crowded around me. They thought I fainted, but I was totally conscious. I was just very shocked. So I didn’t make any movement for a while at that time. Some of them urged me to stay to their house, because they thought that I might be injured. I refused their offering. I told them that I was a reporter and had to gather news.

Afterwards, all the MQ FM crews didn’t know about the accident until I told them after I reported the live report news. My news director was very surprised and worried about me after knowing the accident. Indeed, I didn’t give up although I had been shocked by a motorcycle accident. 

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  1. itu kenapa saya melarang istri untuk naik 'motorcycle taxi'…!!

  2. a very tough total-journalist indeed… 😀

  3. naik taksi juga bisa kena 'car accident', akh… ^^

  4. terjemahannya….”kepala batu” hehehehe


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