(This writing is continued from this blog)

“Miss, I’m a BE-3 student. Do you know where the teacher is?” She then entered the teachers room. Five minutes later she came back to inform an unpleasant announcement.

“Because the students are only three, we are afraid that the class will not be opened.”


Latter on, I decided to take Presentation Skill class. Last Friday supposed to be the first day of the class. Since only five students participated in the class, so it was postponed until this Friday–that is today.

There are only five students until now! Perfect!! I’ll take the refund then. Finally I don’t take any English course for this term. It’s unpredictable actually. But thanks to Britzone English speaking community. I keep on practicing my English with this friendly community. Besides, it’s free of charge .

Ultimately, it’s only part of “my quest”. Just a little struggle to get scholarship. Wish me luck!

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