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Beasiswa buat anak MIPA & Teknik ke King Abdullah University of Science of Technology. Closing date January 15, 2010

Australian University Exhibition 2009

Start:      Jan 6, ’09 1:30p
End:      Jan 17, ’09 6:30p
Location:      Malang, Surabaya, Manado, Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Semarang, Medan

If you are interested to study in Australia and free registration, please come to AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY EXHIBITION 2009 which will be held in:

Tuesday, 6 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Madjapahit room, Hotel Santika Malang

Wednesday, 7 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Balai Adika, Madjapahit Hotel

Friday, 9 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Bunaken room, Quality Hotel

Sunday, 11 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Tenun room, Four Seasons Hotel

Monday, 12 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Bandung

Wednesday, 14 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Borobudur Hall, Hotel Graha Santika

Thursday, 15 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Yogyakarta Ballroom, Hotel Santika Yogyakarta

Saturday, 17 January 2009
13.30 – 18.30
Jupiter room, Grand Angkasa International Hotel

Don’ t forget to bring your copy certificates and transcript for free registration at the Australian universities you wish. It’s all free of charge. There also will be presentations about study in Australia, student visa, IELTS, and IELTS simulation. For further information, please klik http://www.idp.com


(This writing is continued from this blog)

“Miss, I’m a BE-3 student. Do you know where the teacher is?” She then entered the teachers room. Five minutes later she came back to inform an unpleasant announcement.

“Because the students are only three, we are afraid that the class will not be opened.”


Latter on, I decided to take Presentation Skill class. Last Friday supposed to be the first day of the class. Since only five students participated in the class, so it was postponed until this Friday–that is today.

There are only five students until now! Perfect!! I’ll take the refund then. Finally I don’t take any English course for this term. It’s unpredictable actually. But thanks to Britzone English speaking community. I keep on practicing my English with this friendly community. Besides, it’s free of charge .

Ultimately, it’s only part of “my quest”. Just a little struggle to get scholarship. Wish me luck!

Scholarship Calendar 2008/2009



“Life is about to struggle!” That’s what I can say recently after circumstances I have been through….

It began with my will to study abroad. “Studying abroad” seems to be my tagline currently. Since I found that studying abroad required plenty of money, my will could be realized only by grants of scholarship. Indeed, to obtain scholarship, there are some requirements that I have to meet. One of them is language.

Mostly the universities require minimum 550 TOEFL score or 6.5 IELTS score. But they usually require higher score for communication studies applicants. It can be 600 for TOEFL or 7 for IELTS… Gosh!! Whereas, my latest TOFL score was only 520 . It means that I have to enhance my English!

So, don’t be surprised if you find any grammatically error or wrong spelling in this blog…. Yup! The reason why I’m writing my blog in English is to practice my English in order to be enhanced in this second language.

Well, it haven’t stop here. I’ve been trying up side down to be more fluent in English. Taking English course surely one of the effort. Thanked God I didn’t take the wrong class, because I met some ‘important’ persons there. They lighted my fire. My courage to study abroad have been growing bigger as well as my courage to obtain scholarship. Moreover, the teacher was a scholarship awardee who has given me some precious hints and information about scholarship and studying abroad.

Again, it haven’t stop there. I’m still on my quest to realize my dream. The first scholarship award that I’ve tried was Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) which closing date is today (September 5). I’ve submitted the application form earlier, two weeks ago at August 22. I was the 73rd applicant who had submitted the form. I also felt up side down during completing the admission. Began from taking ITP TOEFL score, asking certified copy of the documents, until dealing with Jakarta’s traffic jam. However, I am a “8 to 5 person” who had to manage my time during the office hours. Meanwhile, those institutions, which I had to deal with, only opened during office hours. Thank God I was permitted by my boss to went home earlier to handle the ADS thing.

Finish? Not yet! The ADS selection process had just begun. The short-listed applicants have to attend for interview on December 2008. Well, eventhough I don’t know what will happen next, I have to prepare myself. I have to keep in touch with English and also with my field of study, that is mass communication. Besides, I’m trying to obtain other scholarship opportunities, such as nuffic, AYF, EWC, or chevening.

Since I’m rather poor in English writing, so I’ve been trying hard to make article in English. First article I wrote was about MUI’s smoking prohibition which I sent to The Jakarta Post. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t meet the editors’ thought. So, they decided not to publish it. But it wasn’t the end of the world. I’m trying to write another article in English. So far, the obstacle to write English article was about the time to sit in front of the computer…. And it’s quite hard for me because sitting in front of TV is rather interesting to me than sitting in front of PC hahahaha….  

Another effort is join community who has interest in English. So, I join Britzone. We have speaking session every Wednesday at 18.00 and Saturday at 11.00 in National Education Department’s library (Perpus Diknas) in Senayan, Jakarta. I found it was very fun! It was totally different from English course. We can easily express ourselves using English. Besides, it is free of charge. So far, I haven’t found any obstacles.

The other effort is taking English course. Since I’ve been a Foreign Language Institution of University of Indonesia (LBI UI)’s student, I don’t have to pay registration fee to take other English class. So, after completing IELTS preparation class, I took Business English (BE) class. Upon the placement test, I was placed at grade 3 of BE class. Do you know what happened then?

It was September 1, first day of Ramadhan. After breaking the fast and doing evening pray (sholat magrib), I went to the 3rd floor of LBI UI building. Actually my class would be held on 7 – 9 pm every Monday and Wednesday. But…. Oh my God… It was so dark!!  There was a trouble with the electricity. The available light were some emergency lamps. Because it was the first day of the new term, there were so many people in the room. So, it was also very hot in spite of dark, because the AC didn’t turn on.

In the darkness, I read the information board. I found that BE 3 class only had three students. “Perfect! So it is going to be ‘intensive’ class,” I thought. Suddenly the room was so crowded and noisy with the yell of the teachers who were seeking their students. “BE-2!!” yelled a woman who supposed to be the BE-2 teacher.

“Spanyol!!” yelled another woman followed by raising hands of the students. Then they made a small group and talked about something.

“Grammar!!” yelled the teacher.

“Yes, ma’am!” a student shouted.

“Please sign here,” said the teacher.

I kept standing still watching the noise. Then I yelled, “BE-3!!” But nobody answered. Then I asked to the BE-2 teacher. “Miss, I’m a BE-3 student. Do you know where the teacher is?” She then entered the teachers room. Five minutes later she came back to inform an unpleasant announcement.

“Because the students are only three, we are afraid that the class will not be opened.”



To be continued….


Start:      Feb 28, ’08 09:00a
End:      Mar 1, ’08 4:00p
Location:      Balairung UI, Depok

Hayo.. hayo para scholarship seeker, ada ajang yang kudu didatengin nih, tepatnya Balairung UI Scholarship Expo yang diadakan oleh CDC UI.
Insyaallah peserta expo itu adalah lembaga-lembaga penyedia beasiswa seperti AMINEF, The British Council, DAAD, NUFFIC, dll..